(browser app coming soon)

Matrix is an open-source messaging protocol that anyone can host themselves. Element is a client for Matrix that makes it easy to communicate with others in secure, end-to-end encrypted chats and rooms. Similar to email, you can communicate with people on other servers using their address of the form

how to get started

Download the Element app on your phone to get started. When signing up, press 'edit' next to the server name and type in ''. Then enter your desired username, password, etc.

Once you're signed up on your phone, you can log into the web application at Make sure you select the right homeserver.

To message people or add them to rooms, you need their full Matrix address, which contains their username and domain. On our Matrix server, the domain is, so an example address might look like You can also add people via QR code, or by sending them link (both of these options are in the app menu). Once you have started a chat with someone, you can add them to rooms and spaces (groups of rooms) more easily, as they are now in your contacts.